Projects - Rural

Wadi Project

The Wadi project provides integrated farming techniques to each beneficiary family that takes up intensive land development and plantation work on half an acre (0.2hectares) of wasteland or marginal land.

Wadi Project Objectives:
  • To convert suchland into a productive asset such as forestry plantation and orchard (known as WADI in Marathi).
  • To holistically improve the standard of living of underprivileged tribal and rural families by enabling them to earn sustainable livelihood.
  • The project provides farmers support for 6 years after which they become self-reliant.
  • To empower women through their economic & social development
  • To improve the health status of the community
  • To improve environment through carbon fixation
Wadi initiative includes:
  • Mobilisation of community through project promotional meetings
  • Selection of beneficiaries and land
  • Plantation of fruit and forestry trees
  • Development of eroded wasteland through soil and water conservation
  • Water resource development and water conveyance
  • Introduction of Drip Irrigation
  • Cultivation of suitable improved intercrops both for subsistence farming and additional income generation wherever possible during the initial stage
  • Capacity building of staff and beneficiaries
  • Development of Model Plots: The objective of these demonstration / model plots is to create awareness in farmers about cost effective farming techniques, new introduction of crops, diversified farming techniques, etc.
  • Organising Kisan Melas and village meetings to demonstrate hands-on training programmes to help improve farming techniques and give exposure to vegetable linkages and crop management.
  • Women Empowerment:
    • Training to existing women’s groups
    • Wadi in both husband and wife's name
    • Exposure visits
Target Area

16 villages and 6 hamlets in Panvel Region, Raigad District 8 of the villages have more than a 70% tribal population

Additional resourceful inputs were extended on:

  • Soil Conservation
  • Fertilisers
  • Farm Tools
  • Water Resource Developments
  • Water Conveyance
  • Seeds
  • SMS Blasts of Farming Technique Tips

The average income earned by the farmers ranged from Rs. 20,000 - Rs. 25,000 per annum, from vegetable cultivation.