Success Stories - Impacting Lives of the Aspirant

Success Stories

Ms. Jaya Dhumal (PBBSc Nursing 1. Student) - Earning `39,000/- PM

Jaya hails from a farmer’s family. Her father earns roughly Rs. 70,000 per year and her mother is a housewife. She was honoured to be one of the recipients of the Ishanya Foundation’s Scholarship and was the first member from her family to attend college. Growing up in an under privileged community, she had faced several financial and academic challenges, which has made her realise the value of college education.

Jaya and her family were overjoyed when she completed her nursing course. She is currently working at KEM Hospital in Mumbai as a staff nurse with a salary of Rs. 39,000 per month and has not only become financially independent but also manages to support her father. She is grateful for IsFon’s generosity, support and for her bright future.

Success Stories

Ms. Stephina Fernandes - Tutor at Symbiosis College of Nursing - Earning Rs. 28,500/- PM

Stephina is a resident of Pimpri and is working as a staff nurse at Sahyadri Hospital. She says, “I wanted to pursue a degree in nursing, but couldn’t, as my husband was the only member who was financially supporting our family. Finally, I decided to do my Post Basic BSc in Nursing, when I got to know that I could get a scholarship to complete my education.

After getting admission at Symbiosis, I applied and got confirmed for Ishanya Foundation’s Scholarship. I am thankful to God for blessing me and helping me get the scholarship. After being selected for the scholarship, my enthusiasm doubled up as I knew there was someone paying and supporting me to achieve something in life, and I had to prove my worth and give the best that I could.

Even though I had a child and household responsibilities, with the financial support from Ishanya Foundation and moral support from my family, I passed out with flying colours and secured 3rd position in my batch. I am very thankful to Ishanya Foundation in supporting me throughout my duration, organising lively functions, encouraging us and finally helping me make my dreams come true.”

Success Stories

Mrs. Chandrabai Waghmare

Chandrabai was a roadside vegetable vendor for the past 10 years, selling and living at Jadhav Nagar, Yerwada, Pune. Her son is a driver while her husband sells vegetables along with her.

Their approximate income through sale of vegetables was Rs. 7,000. She wanted a hand cart, which she could take to different locations and sell the vegetables for which she sought support from Ishanya Foundation.

IsFon supported her with a hand cart after which her income increased to Rs. 9,500 per month. She is now the owner of a vegetable stall which was made possible with the support of IsFon.

Success Stories

Ms. Pooja and Mr. Kiranraj Bengale

Pooja is a beautician doing home service and earning approximately Rs. 15,000 per month. She took care of the entire expenses of her family since her husband was unemployed. Pooja undertook the training conducted by IsFon in collaboration with National Institute of Naturopathy for making fresh vegetable juice. IsFon then supported her with the equipment and branding to put up a stall at John Deere India Pvt. Ltd. at Magarpatta, at their four towers covering approx. 5,000 employees. Her husband joined the programme and through their income, they have purchased another juicer. On an average they earn Rs. 10,000 per month. Their earning for September 2019 was Rs. 25,000. Pooja is overjoyed that her husband is gainfully employed and is supporting her to support their family financially.

Success Stories

Sujata Shinde has been associated with IsFon for over 10 years

Sujata, a homemaker and a mother of two children, was keen to be independent to support her family when she enrolled for the program as her husband was unemployed. She picked up the various tailoring skills, was supported with a tailoring machine by IsFon and has since then been making beautiful handmade products like table mats, saree covers and much more under the Income Generation Program.

With her family totally dependent on her income, her daughter has completed her graduation, sponsored with a diploma in computers at IsFon and is now employed.

She is proud to have enhanced her skills and also earn a livelihood to support the family. She joyfully shares her expertise and experiences with aspirants at IsFon.

Sweety Gupta - An aspirant of the Pre- Teachers School course

Prior to enrollment: Sweety was a homemaker but was very keen to secure financial stability and do something valuable with her time

Success Stories

Post joining Ishanya Foundation: A Pre-Teachers School course aspirant, who thoroughly enjoyed the course found within herself a new potential of teaching, is now employed at Ashray School, Pune earning `14,000 per month. Sweety feels she has gained multifold in being able to contribute back to society by nurturing and teaching young children and her financial gain.

Ashwini Mangalkar – Aspirant of the 22 Batch of Beautician

Prior to enrollment: Ashwini was just a housewife who received no support for herself and child from her unemployed husband. In her quest to give her child a good education and life, she enrolled with Ishanya Foundation for the Beautician Course. Post

Success Stories

Post joining Ishanya Foundation: In her words- she felt transformed and empowered which helped her secure a job with, taking home a salary of `15,000 per month, enabling her to provide that required support to her family and better their living conditions. Her child is in school which gives her immense joy!

Success Stories

Pramila Shinde (2 from left) enrolled as a Muskaan Paree, whilst doing the Beautician Course at the Foundation due to a sudden set-back in financial condition and with no support from her husband. She now earns `14,000 per month as a Muskaan Paree and as a beautician, that helps her meet the needs of her family, in particular her children.

Success Stories

Sunanda Pawar, resident of Yerwada basti is one of the first beneficiary who has enrolled into the initiative. Earning `6,000 per month on orders received, enables her to meet the needs of her aged parents whom she has opted to look after. Her smile and positive attitude at all times has been encouraging to her neighbours who have also enrolled in the livelihood programs, witnessing a change in their social status and of being empowered.

Success Stories

Marginalised farmer Mangal Pawasha Bhagat and his wife Mangali of Karembali Village, Raigad District have been active participants in the vegetable cultivation program. With assist of enhanced farming techniques from the Foundation, the average yield per crop per year has increased to 2,750 kg per year resulting in an average income generation of `55,000 annually.

Success Stories

Vrudali Mohod - An aspirant of the 8 Batch of Certificate Course in IT (CCIT)

Prior to enrollment: As a student, Vrudali faced certain financial issues to sustain her studying and realised that she would need to enhance her skills to then better qualify her job opportunities.

Post joining Ishanya Foundation: After successfully completing the CCIT course, she secured a placement with Aegies Ltd., Pune, with a starting salary of `9,000 per month. She knows she has benefitted and made the right decision as she is able to pay her college fees and support her family through her earnings.

Vishakha Gaikwad - an aspirant of stthe 1 batch of BPO

Prior to enrollment: Vishakha was studying but was keen to work in addition, to support her family and become financially independent.

Success Stories

Post joining Ishanya Foundation: On completing the BPO Course, she was immediately placed at Aegis BPO with a commencing salary of `8,000 per month. She is happy with her achievements and happy that her enrollment at Ishanya Foundation has been a game changer to her life giving her financial stability. Her family is equally proud of her achievements and continue to support her to excel further.

Activity : Fodder Plot

Year of Participation : 2017

Name of Participant : Mrs. Baiyyo Shivaji Tatare & Mr. Shivaji Pandurang Tatare & 2 sons

Village : Khanav, Raigad

Fodder Crop : Napier Cultivation

Plantation season : Rabi

Cultivation Area @ R : 20

Average Yield in Ton : 12 Ton

Average Income : Save `40,000 per Year

Success Stories

“Through IsFon I got the knowledge to cultivate Napier which enhanced my income through the increase in milk yield and it also saved the cost of purchasing green fodder for my cows. At the age of 60 which is considered as retirement age and one is not able generate income, due to the fodder plot activity I am able to use my expertise and knowledge and not depend on my sons, which has boosted my morale and confidence.”

Success Stories

Laxmi Narayan Durge, aged 65 years lives with her husband in Pale Kh. Village, Raigad District. Their main source of income is from farming.

Laxmi does her routine housework in addition to assisting her husband with the farming, to ensure a regular source of income. Poor eyesight and very low visibility in the dark for both of them was a major hindrance disabling them from working on the farm after dark.

At an Eye Check-up conducted by Ishanya Foundation in their village recently, both were detected with cataract and received immediate treatment. Surgeries were performed free of cost for both due to their poor economic conditions.

Their now clearer vision has enabled both of them to continue uninterrupted farming beyond dark and regular routine work.

Success Stories

Snehal of 18 batch of beautician course employed with Urban Clap earning more than `40,000 per month sharing her experience and motivating the aspirants to take up employment.

Success Stories

Sunita Patil (36 years old) is a resident of Kuttarpada Village. Financial difficulties have been an issue of her family as her husband who is a daily wage labourer is unable to meet the expenses of his wife and three children.

Determined to support her husband, Sunita learnt about Ishanya Foundation’s vocational program for which she enrolled. The tailoring vocational course, part of the women empowerment initiatives at the Foundation in the rural areas of Raigad District enables women gain financial stability and enhanced skills to employability.

Sunita learnt stitching various types of blouses (simple, katori and fashionable blouse styles apart from fall hemming on sarees). Confident, Sunita started her own business from home, witnessing financial gains of about `5,000 per month. Additional support was provided by the Foundation to repair her tailoring machine. This additional source of income benefitted the family immensely, providing an employment opportunity for her, schooling for her kids and an overall better standard of living for the family.

Dhanaji Bairagi

Dhanaji Bairagi

Mr. Dhanaji Bairagi, resident of Wadgaonsheri: “I joined the CCIT course at Ishanya Foundation since I was in need of a job. The end result of the course was beyond my expectations. IsFon not only taught me the course but my entire personality changed and after five months, I was a confident young man ready to take up the job and face any challenges of life. I passed through various level of exam at IBM and got successfully employed with a salary of `10,500/- for which I feel very proud of and am able to support my family”.

Poonam Ovhal

Ms. Poonam Ovhal, a resident of Lohegaon: “Being a housewife and a 12th grade pass out, I thought I will never be able to support my husband who was working as a driver to meet the financial expenses of my family. It is then IsFon approached me at my doorstep and encouraged me to take up the CCIT course and later support with employment. I did not think twice and immediately joined the CCIT course. The spoken English and personality development classes further added wings to my dream. Now I am successfully employed with Renu Communications with a salary of `12,000/- per month”.

Poonam Ovhal
Suvidha Shelke

Suvidha Shelke

Ms. Suvidha Shelke resident of Katraj: “I always had the dream of pursuing PB B.Sc Nursing from the best college in India but alas could not do so after my GNM due to financial problem in my family. It was then I came to know about the scholarship being offered by IsFon. I applied for the scholarship and got selected. My happiness knew no bounds. IsFon and Symbiosis College of Nursing moulded me to a complete good human being ready to take care of others. I am now employed at Rao Nursing Home with a salary of `16,000/- per month through which I am able to support the tuition class of my brother and support my parents too. Thank you Ishanya Foundation”.

Afreen Maniyar – 24th Batch of Beautician , 10th Fail

Afreen was a housewife. She was referred by an employee from CMD’s office of DFPCL. Her husband is an auto rickshaw driver. She is a mother of two children. She was referred by a woman who motivated her to take up course at IsFon and make her career as a beautician. Being from a conservative family, IsFon spoke to her husband about her future plans and the need to allow her to work after completion of the course. Her husband agreed, since it was also becoming difficult for him to meet the expenses due to less income and to give good education to their children.

After successfully completing the course, she got a job in Envivo Lounge Salon, Viman Nagar, which is Biggest and Hi end Salon in Viman Nagar. She started with `7,000/- salary per month plus `2,500/- incentive and now her salary has been increased to `12,000/- pm.
“I had never been out of the house I will never forget IsFon who changed my life and also my family who encouraged, supported and motivated me and made me believe that with hard work and determination everything is possible.”

Afreen Maniyar
Shabeena Shaikh

Ms. Shabeena Shaikh

Ms. Shabeena Shaikh, 10th Std. fail and residing at Nagpur Chawl: “Being from a conservative family, I was never allowed to move out of house expect for some time during which I have been working with IGP as co-ordinator Ms. Sujata Shinde of IsFon for the last eight years is stitching IsFon gifting products. I always had the passion to do more stitching work & earn more income but since I did not have a sewing machine, I could not pursue my dreams. I then approached IsFon for sewing machine and now I have the latest model of sewing machine which will help me to earn income from home”.

Alka Dhotre

Alka Dhotre, 12th pass, residing at Barma Cell: “My family had never encouraged me to study and take up job though I wanted to do something in life to be financially independent. IsFon encouraged me and counselled my parents after which I joined the beautician course, completed the course and got employed. After having worked for more than two years, I wanted to start my own parlour but did not have the monetary resources. I always knew that I can at anytime knock at the doors of IsFon. IsFon welcomed me with open arms, encouraged and supported me with equipments to start my own parlour, I am now a proud owner of a parlour which was only possible with the support of IsFon”.

Alka Dhotre
Success Stories

Activity : Vegetable Cultivation | Year of Participation : 2015

Name : Mr. Changya Goma Pardhi & Mrs. Bebi Changya Pardhi

Village : Karambeli, Panvel Taluka, Dist. Raigad | Profile : 0.5 acre land (Wadi + Vegetable)

“IsFon introduced me with the best practices for cultivating different types of vegetables due to which my yield and income increased. Constant support and motivation from IsFon was a blessing to me and my family. Initially I used to grow paddy once a year and used to migrate to the city after harvest. But now there is no need for me to shift to the city as I do vegetable cultivation which fetches me good income and also serves as a healthy nutritious food for my family.

Vegetable Crop : Cucumber

Plantation Season : Rabi

Cultivation Area @ R : 08

Average Yield in Kg : 1850

Average Income : `37,000

Success Stories

Activity : Kitchen Garden

Year of Participation : 2015

Name : Mrs. Manjula Pardhi & Mr. Shantaram Pardhi

Village : Balwadi Village from Raigad district.

Profile : 0.5 acre land (Wadi + Vegetable)

Family Profile : 2 sons - 8 & 6th Std Class & 2 Daughters - 9 & 5th Std Class

Name of Seed Type in Kit : Ashgourd, Chilli, Brinjal, Beans, Dolichos and Bhindi

Home Consumption Quantity in Kg : 28

Sold Quantity in Kg : 43

Total Harvested Quantity in Kg : 71

Average Rate : 35

Total Income : `2,485

“ IsFon supported me to cultivate vegetables which were not readily available for me to purchase. These 8 types of vegetables helped to add the nutritional content in our diet which also saved my family’s income. This became possible only through constant guidance and motivation from IsFon.”

Success Stories

“ I was a housewife and always had the dream of learning tailoring and earning income to support the financial needs of my family. I was then approached by IsFon who were conducting the class at Pale. I completed the course and am earning `9,500/-per month. I have also purchased fall bidding machine as per demand from customers . My dream became true only due to IsFon”

Activity : Tailoring Class

Name of Student : Sandya Sanjay Bolande, 8th Pass Village: Mahalungi

Duration of Class : 3 Months Basic Class & 1 Month Advance Course

Support Given : Tailoring Course; Repairing of Machine Advance Tailoring Course

Average Monthly Income : `9,500

Annual Income : `1,14,000

Impact : Improve standard of living; purchase New fall beading machine & other home appliances and Providing good education to children.

Success Stories

“Our life changed after IsFon came to our doorstep. After knowing our financial condition, IsFon encouraged and supported us with two cows and now our asset have increased to four cows. Because of the dairy activity I can give good education to my children and the overall standard of living of my family is improved

Activity : Dairy

Year : 2015

Name of Participant : Mrs. Lalita Vithhal Keni & Mr. Vithhal Dharma Keni

Village : Pethali, Dist. Raigad

Profile : 1 son & 1 daughter - student

Support Given : 2 cows, medicine kit, training & exposure

Asset Created : 2 Female calves worth `25,000

Average Milk Per Day : 20 lit.

Rate of Milk : `40

Income/Month per month : `24,000

Success Stories

Activity : Eye Check-up Camp ( Cataract Operated)

Name of Patients : Raibai Kashinath Thale, age 62 years.

Village : Wavanje

Date of Cataract Operated and Eye : 9th January, 2018 and Left Eye

Mrs. Raibai Thale lives with her daughter and Son in law, who is the earning member of family. Her vision is very less since last year. ( Left Eye)

“My daughter took me to be Eye Check-up Camp conducted by IsFon. I had the problem of lower vision. At the camp I was detected with cataract. Isfon sponsored for the cataract surgery. My biggest happiness is that I can see and now I am independent to carry the daily chores which became possible through IsFon.”

Success Stories

Shilpa Shinde - An aspirant of Ishanya Foundation and now a Muskaan Paree

Prior to enrollment: Shilpa was just a homemaker, who was keen to contribute financially and better the living conditions for herself and her family.

Post joining Ishanya Foundation: Empowered by enrolling in the Muskaan Initiative, as a Muskaan Paree she now earns and supports her family, bringing smiles to her family and her community.

Success Stories

Mr Phadtare of Samruddhi Agro group speaking at YRNF 2015

Samruddhi Agro Group

Tatyasaheb Ramchandra Phadtare with an agricultural background began his career in marketing. Additionally, he trained beneficiaries of SHG groups in packaging of products, which gave him the idea to start his own business. Eager to make healthy jowar products which are gluten free like Jowar Rava, Ready to eat Shankarpali and Chakali, Jowar flakes, Chivda , he was able to successfully start this venture in the year 2012. The SHG was invited to participate at the Yellow Ribbon NGO Fair. The marketing of the products was done by another SHG group. Later on in the year 2013, the enterprise took to marketing themselves.

YRNF gave them the platform with high end customers and a breakthrough with a direct interaction with Dorabjee Retail. YRNF served as the platform from where he was identified and selected by Dorabjee, leading to his products being put on display and sold from their store. Subsequently, he expanded to supply his products to over 123 stores in Pune and also registered with online stores like Amajon, Paytm, BigBasket. Several dieticians also recommend his products. He now earns an income of approx. Rs 1.5 lacs per month. Having being awarded the third prize at YRNF with a cash award of Rs 10,000, Mr Phadtare recalls ”It was only through the YRNF platform that the group got exposure to the retail market”.

Success Stories

Activity : Sponsorship for job oriented courses

Name of Student : Ms. Devshree Ridhlan - “I could pursue B.Sc. Optometry only through the scholarship support from IsFon”

Name of Degree : B.Sc. Optometry | Year of Support : 2014 - 16 | Support Amount : 1.64 Lacs (80%)

Name of Placement Organisation : Laxmi Charitable Trust, Panvel | Name of Designation: B.Sc. Optometry

Monthly Salary : `18,000/-

Success Stories

LAXMAN CHAUDHARI resident of Nitlas Village in Raigad District enrolled in the Wadi project in 2015 for the vegetable cultivation. With assist from Ishanya Foundation for the vegetable seed (sponge gourd) and support extended for a disel engine of Rs 6,000/-, he has successfully sold 1550 kg of vegetables earning a total income of Rs 31,000/- for the year.

Success Stories

Highlights of this program as beneficial to the farmers and their families:

  • Wadi Model: 30 Mango/ Wadi; Keshar Variety + Bamboo + Vegetable
  • Starting Year: 2012
  • Project Area: Tal. Panvel Dist. Raigad
  • Villages Covered: 14
  • Project Support: 05 Yrs.
  • Families Covered: 266 (Tribals- 198 & OBC-68 Families)
Success Stories

Kavita Randhavi – All smiles with her new found vocation

KAVITA RANDHAVI (32 Years) of Ambe Village,Raigad District lives with her husband and son. The family survived on the daily wages earned by her husband as employed with a private firm. With expenses rising, Kavita was keen to work and additionally add to the family kitty. She then enhanced her tailoring skills and was fortunate to acquire her mother’s sewing machine.

She started by stitching charging very nominal charges and was fortunate to receive a lot of orders due to the high quality of the garments. Today she runs a successful business and earns that secondary source of income making a marked difference to not just her life but for her family as well.

Smt. Bhimabai Arivale (72 Years) of Mhalungi village, lives with her son and his family. Suffering from cataract for over the last two years. With additional neglect from her due to a financial constraint and no time from her son and daughter-in-law as their focus was diverted to their paddy and vegetable cultivation fields, her cataract operation was periodically postponed. Her eyesight suffered acutely causing her inability to differentiate between darkness and light.

Success Stories

Bhimabhai – Recovering from a successful & long overdue cataract operation

An Eye Check up Camp conducted by Ishanya Foundation in Mhalungi Village, enabled identify her immediate health need, which was addressed by counselling her family members. Within four days of visiting the camp, all arrangements were made to ensure immediate attention given to her deteriorating health condition. Post the cataract operation, Bhimabhai recovered well gaining her eyesight.

She and her family remain ever grateful to Ishanya Foundation for bringing back light into her world.

Success Stories

Punam Bhoir - A successful entreprenuer

PUNAM BHOIR (18 Years) of Ambe Village, Raigad District lives with her parents, sister and brother. With just one earning member in the family, her father who works as a contractual labourer with a private company, his salary of Rs 8000/0 a month was not sufficient to meet the household and education expenses. Punam enrolled for the tailoring course with Ishanya Foundation, specializing in saree blouse tailoring in particular.

Acquiring a sewing machine from her mother’s SHG, Punam now runs her home boutique catering to the tailoring needs of those in her village and surrounding areas. Enjoying her new found skills and job, helps her take home an additional salary of Rs 90,000/- per anum which has transformed the lifestyle of her family. She is ever grateful to Ishanya Foundation for providing her the stepping stone to enhance her family’s income and status.

Success Stories

Dhyneshwar bhoir attending to his cows

SHANTABAI & DHYNESHWAR BHOIR of Ova Village in Raigad District benefitted through the 2 cows and additional training exposures and medicine kit. Sustainable income generation of Rs 880/- per day through a yield of an average 22 litres of milk per day which has brought about a positive impact to their lives.

YASHODA & DHONDU KENI of Pethali Village enrolled for the Dairy Development Program at Ishanya Foundation to acquire two cows. With his initial holding of a small piece of land wherein he was able to grow a marginal crop of paddy for home consumption and two buffaloes, acquiring the cow enabled him many folds. Apart from cattle management skills, fodder cultivation and dairy management. Napier Grass and Para Grass fodder cultivation yielded saving of Rs 15,000/- per month and additionally increasing the quality of milk being sold by him. All the milk collected is sold at an average of Rs 50/- per litre enhancing his monthly income which has made Yashodha & Dhondu Keni dairy business a sustainable success.

Success Stories

Yashoda & Dhondu Keni with their new found dairy buisness

Highlights of this program as beneficial to the farmers and their families:

  • Total Milk Produced: 3,25,113 Lit.
  • Milk Consumed by the farmers: 44,675 Lit.
  • Milk Consumed by the Calves: 52585 Lit.
  • Quantity of milk sold : 2,28,093 Lit.
  • Additional Income through sale of milk: Rs. 72,62,300
  • Cow Dung Produced: 67.56 MT which was used to improve soil health.