Projects - Urban & Rural


Sanskrit for ‘knowledge’ and ‘wisdom’, Gyanam is a fitting name for IsFon’s efforts to improve the experience of education in its geographies of operation.

Gyanam has a two-pronged goal

To create a better school learning environment through various interventions and to improve the overall quality of education.

5-point Gyanam Mission:
  • Expand and enhance technology support tools to meet the School of Education's current needs and expectations.
  • Ensuring school facilities are in place to improve access to basic education and quality of learning
  • Improving the quality of teaching at school level
  • Strengthen the capacity of communities to manage their local education systems
  • Promote awareness of children’s rights

Education is Enjoyable

IsFon is implementing different innovative activities to make learning a pleasure. To that end, IsFon provides amenities and equipment to schools in its adopted areas.

By doing so, IsFon enables:

- a quality education

- enhanced learning levels

- maintenance of a good learning environment

- student - staff retention

- reduction in student dropout rates.

IsFon’s activities in the education space include:
  • Donation of E-Learning Equipments: IsFon provides equipment for digital learning classroom to increase computer literacy among rural school children.
  • Tuition Classes: Initiatives which are based on communities usually have a widespread effect. They help transform the communities in which the initiatives are carried out, and also act as a trial ground to have similar programs elsewhere. The IsFon extra coaching initiative supports students from standard 1 through 10th.
  • Infrastructure Development: IsFon has found that the quality of school buildings and available infrastructure facility can help or hinder learning and teaching. Good buildings and pleasant surroundings can lead to better attendance and concentration as well as motivation and self-esteem. All these factors can improve the performance of school children.
  • Support for appointing teaching staff: Teachers prepare and influence tomorrow's leaders. Many rural schools do not have sufficient teaching staff leading to poor quality education. IsFon appoints additional teaching staff in a school, thereby helping to maintain a good standard of education.