Projects - Rural

Community Development & Social Welfare (CDSW)

Community Development and Social Welfare (CDSW) is a process where community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems.

Community wellbeing - economic, social, environmental and cultural, often evolves from this type of collective action being taken at a grassroots level.

Community development ranges from small initiatives within a small group, to large initiatives that involve the broader community.

IsFon CDSW Goals:
  • To act as an effective catalyst in creating self-reliant and respectable societies, with a secure and sustained means to livelihood, through employable skills and resource support.
  • Toensurebasic required facilities and infrastructures are available to villagers.
  • To promote and support the rich cultural heritage of India.

Under this project IsFon has been implementing various need-based initiatives in 3 states of India, namely Gujarat, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.

The Objective is
  • Community development by collective actions to overcome economic, social and environmental difficulties without disturbing nature.
Key Activities:
  • No Plastic Campaign : More than 15,000 tons of plastic waste is generated in India every day. Plastic bags are a great danger to our environment.
    IsFon undertook an Awareness Drive:
    - to educate the local community about the impact of plastic on the environment and
    - to instill behavioral change
  • Engaging the local community is necessary,it can help tackle environmental challenges. The initiative “Say No To Plastic Bags” is one step towards the sustainability of our planet and is crucial for future generations.
  • Donations for Disaster Relief : When natural disasters strike, it can be overwhelming to think about how one can make a difference. Individuals, families or even entire communities lose everything after being hit by a devastating cyclone, flood or a landslide. IsFon makes donations to disaster relief funds to help rehabilitate lives.
  • Donations to Watershed Development : IsFon donates funds to NGOs that are directly implementing watershed projects.